"You like my shoes? Here, I’ll let you have a closer look!"

Since I had so much fun with this redesign for cruxia's OC fighting collab, I figured I’d draw a few more sketches to elaborate on it.

Cel’s fighting style is mostly based on kickboxing and mixed martial arts, taking close inspiration from characters like Hwoarang, Bryan and Steve from the Tekken series. Her playstyle is based entirely around fast and brutal combos - getting good with her is all about being able to chain from one attack to the next with no pause, rather than remembering complicated attack patterns. Her move inputs also tend to favor rotational inputs rather than sequences of button presses, as shown above.

Also, since I didn’t want to leave Perp completely out of it, she also shows up to cheer Cel on from the sidelines, and to celebrate with her when she wins. So Perp is basically the Poison to Cel’s Hugo. She may even give her a smooch.

Hi-rez versions are available here and here.