So here’s the skinny: I’m about a hundred bucks in the red as far as my spending goes this year and I would really love some commissions to help offset that right about now so I can continue living and not have to stop eating.

So to reiterate, you can ask me to draw anything you’d like for as much money as you want to spend on my artwork.These can be digital or traditional sketches, binary or CG drawings with just lineart, flat colors or cel/soft shading and backgrounds, or simple animations like talksprites - but you can ask me if you’re wondering what I can and can’t draw.

I will draw:

  • tasteful nudity and light romantic content
  • some violence and/or blood
  • other relatively tame stuff - ask me if you have any questions.

I will not draw:

  • explicit pornography or fetish material
  • extremely violent content
  • maybe some other things

Base cost for every commission is at least €2 (roughly $2,70 USD, but you can pay in any currency you like as long as it exceeds that amount). You can choose to pay as much as you think my work is worth to you, but please remember that my financial well-being depends on your generosity.

If you’re still interested after all that, you can contact me through asks and fan mail on tumblr, via notes on my DeviantART account, or by email at boredalot89 AT hotmail DOT com. This offer will be open indefinitely, so if you’re strapped for cash right now then no rush. Thank you for reading!!

For more samples of my artwork, check here or here.

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